Why Bespoke is the only way to Ensure the Perfect Engagement Ring

Why Bespoke is the only way to Ensure the Perfect Engagement Ring.

So, you know you want to propose and the next big decision is choosing the perfect ring, an engagement ring as unique and as special as she is, one that she will immediately fall for.

Why choose bespoke?

One thing is for sure, a bespoke ring designed by you, says effort and care, and women and men find nothing so sexy and enchanting than this kind of consideration. It is that added factor of love that an off the shelf ring cannot say.

1. Personal and timeless 
You or the designer can choose style, gemstones and precious metals to suit your intended, and then together create a timeless piece that will compliment her personality and say something so special that can stay in your family for generations. Delicate details that will personalise your ring can be woven into the design and set the tone for the wedding, anniversary, family or eternity rings for years to come.

2. It really can be an easy journey
Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, Hannah Kimber herself will be with you every step of the way and overseeing her team to turn your ideas into reality. She is known as the conscious designer as she asks all the right questions in advance of the design stage.

3. Ssssssssssh it’s a surprise
We can talk face-to-face with you at the Cheltenham Studio or remotely through video messaging, fitting around your timings to ensure a smooth, stress-free journey. Consultations are often booked at unusual hours.

4. Options to remove the fear What if she doesn’t like the ring?
A Proposal Ring removes all fear that she won’t like your design. It looks like the real thing feels like the real thing and too all intents and purposes it is the real thing. Except it isn’t, it’s an EXACT replica – which means you can return to us with your fiancée after you’ve proposed and we’ll redesign it without you having to pay again.

Buy the Diamond, Design the Ring Together. More and more men are presenting their fiancée with the diamond and then the two of you design the ring together.

5. What shall I spend?
The average person in the UK spends just over £1,600 on an engagement ring. Hannah Kimber has designed rings for this amount and had very happy brides-to-be, there is also an option to spend £160,000, the difference is mainly in the stones and detail you choose. We’ll help to create an engagement ring she will adore and cherish and one that fits within your ideal price range.

6. The Process
To book in for an initial consultation with Hannah Kimber the conscious designer, and to alleviate any pressure you may be feeling and begin your process with no obligation or to discuss anything at all then call 01242 574468

The time to create the ring is around 4-6 weeks, but we advise a little longer.

With over 16 years experience creating unique, distinctive, beautiful engagement rings, be assured that you are in both multi-award winning and very safe hands. Letting us help you design your own perfect engagement will make that life-changing moment all the more special. You can view some of our previous engagement ring commissions here.

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