Redesigning your jewellery…

Breathing life back into pre-loved, sentimental pieces

We are passionate about redesigning elements of precious pre-loved jewellery and weaving it into a new unique item that brings it back to life in a completely new way.

Jewellery remodelling is a wonderful process that allows your heirlooms and inherited pieces to be redesigned and adored once more. We’ll work closely with you to understand every aspect of both your personality and the story behind the jewellery to create a piece that truly represents you whilst still maintaining its original sentiment.

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Jewellery Remodelling

Digging out your gems and recreating something new and more to your style can be so rewarding. Gemstones and gold that is otherwise unworn and left sitting in a drawer, can be made into something wonderful for you to enjoy wearing everyday.

The process begins with a few simple images of your jewellery in its current state and then the redesigning can begin. Then comes the consultation where we can take a few measurements and discuss the ideas and pricing together in our beautiful studio. If you wish, we can also use your old gold or precious metal, otherwise you can scrap the gold if unwanted against the new design.

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Engagement ring remodelling/refreshing

You will always love and cherish your engagement ring but with time tastes can change and jewellery wears out. We can help! Don’t let those gemstone’s and precious metals linger unloved in a drawer lets remodel them into a freshened up version using all of the original elements. Either remodelled exactly as they were if worn out but with a new lease of life, or something completely different if they are no longer your style. It is always lovely to work and redesign such cherished pieces so please do get in touch today.

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Remodelling inherited jewellery

Inherited jewellery is such a lovely momentum of the person who has passed, but more often than not it isn’t to the new owners taste. Remodelling these items retains the memories, but means they don’t sit lingering in a drawer unworn and the memories of that person can be with you everyday.

We can use the gold/precious metal, as well as any gemstones and make one or a few beautiful pieces for the next generation to enjoy and admire.

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Remodelling inherited gems and precious metals into your engagement ring

Using inherited gems for your engagement and wedding ring is a wonderful way to take jewellery full circle.

Like this stunning engagement and wedding ring, which originally belonged to my clients late Mother, she sadly passed away. So that these treasured gems could be worn everyday we remodelled them into a more intricate design retaining some of the elements of the original engagement ring and wedding but making it more to my clients taste and style.

It meant the world to my client to have such important pieces of jewellery made from her previously adored pieces and meant there was a little of her Mother with her on her wedding day.

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Repurpose your gold

If we carry out a remodel for you and you end up with some precious metal left over we can do a couple of things for you.

You can either have the precious metal repurposed into another item of jewellery, say a bangle or a necklace, or you can use the monetary value of the precious metal against a new design piece of jewellery.

We like to ensure nothing goes to waste, so if you choose to scrap the gold we will give the gold price on the day of proceed and take the value off your total balance.

If a new piece of jewellery is more your thing then we will create designs and come up with a stunning new piece of jewellery from all those bits and bobs that you once considered useless! Winner!

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Hannah’s very own sentimental remodel

I really do get the importance of remodelling your precious inherited gems as I have recreated my own. This beauty was left to me by my Nana, she was an absolute force in my life and I loved her endlessly. When she passed she left me the crossover diamond ring, and although I adored it, I wanted to make it mine. So I took the centre diamond and two of the baguette diamonds and added the emeralds, as emerald green was her favourite colour, and made this statement piece. I have kept two of the baguettes to add to my wedding ring when the day comes so nothing will be forgotten or unworn.

To those who know, she is very affectionately called ‘Dead Nana’ and she is worn and admired everyday, just as she would have wanted it.

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The jewellery remodelling process is very similar to the bespoke journey, except that you will already have the majority of the gemstones needed. We will begin by discussing any designs or ideas you have, before redesigning your beloved piece using hand drawings and CAD designs.

And don’t worry, you will be able to see models and visuals throughout the whole process to ensure that you are completely satisfied with everything we do before we make even the slightest change.

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