Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have an engagement ring designed and made?

The average spend on an engagement ring in the UK is a little over £1,600 – and it need not cost much more to have a ring especially designed and custom made for you. With our low overheads, a similar bespoke ring will cost between £100 and £400 extra – so we’d recommend allowing a budget of up to £2,000. However, we have also designed rings costing £160,000 and over. Whatever your budget, we can help you create the perfect ring!

How long does the process take from start to finish?

For a small surcharge we can produce rings very quickly, so please contact us whatever your timescale; we will always find a way if we can. However, generally speaking please allow four to six weeks for the process from start to finish. This can be even quicker if you decide on a Proposal Ring or to buy the diamond and design the ring together.

What happens if my partner doesn’t like the ring?

This is the most common fear that we come across – even more so than whether the answer will be yes or no! But fear not because you’re in safe hands with us. Working together with you every step of the way, we’ll craft a wonderful, unique, and personal ring which we hope will result in tears of joy. However, to completely eliminate any chance that you get it wrong, why not consider a Proposal Ring or choose and present the gemstone at the proposal and then design the ring together afterwards.

What if I don’t know my partner’s ring size?

Don’t worry, you’re in the hands of experts. We can get a good idea even from a photograph, so a sneaky picture taken by you and whizzed over to us will help. We then have a few tricks of the trade that more often than not will mean the ring will fit perfectly. And if it does need a little adjustment after the proposal, just come back and it will be done quickly and free of charge.

What if I can’t get to your studio?

Of course we’d prefer for you to visit our Cheltenham studio – especially when we hand over the ring and crack open a bottle of Prosecco to celebrate! However, we can always chat via email, Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype or Instagram – or even come to visit you. Whatever suits you, suits us! Remember that we can also meet in the evenings or weekends if you prefer as well.

Do you do valuations for insurance purposes?

Yes, we’re fully accredited to prepare official valuations. We charge £50 for up to three items, and £15 per additional item thereafter. We always adhere to the good practices as laid out by the National Association of Jewellers.

Can I use elements from existing sentimental jewellery in the new design?

Absolutely! Re-modelling is such a great way to breathe new life into existing pieces that hold precious memories. We have many requests to incorporate existing jewellery into engagement rings. Don’t stop there though; we can also help you to create a pair of cufflinks from old earrings, a necklace from an old ring, a lapel pin from an engagement ring – and more! You’ll also have the added bonus of creating a custom made piece of jewellery at a reduced cost. Find out more here.

What can I do with an old wedding ring?

Get in touch. You’ll be surprised at just how creative we can be.

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