Breathe New Life Into Sentimental Jewellery

Every now and again, a piece of jewellery enters our lives that reminds us of good times, people we loved that may no longer be with us, or special memories and occasions. After a while, these pieces can appear worn or a little dated but the attachment is still there, you just no longer wear them….
Re-modelling is such a great way to breathe new life into these sentimental pieces that hold such precious memories. A pair of cufflinks can be created from old earrings, a necklace from an old ring, a lapel pin from an engagement ring, or an engagement ring from inherited diamonds. The benefits are obvious. You end up with a beautiful, personal piece of jewellery which perhaps keeps a memory alive or is a good way of ensuring that a family heirloom is adored once more. You also have the added bonus of creating a custom-made piece of jewellery at a reduced cost.
We can re-design existing rings, earrings or necklaces into something more suited to your style whilst retaining that sentiment.

A typical commission is that of Lillian Granger. Lillian was gifted earrings by her husband who sadly passed away a few years ago. They remained in a jewellery box for a long time until we were approached to consider re-designing them into a ring for her (pictured). We designed the ring together, using rose gold to bring life to the opals, and we re-used the diamonds as well as adding a couple of others.

What to do with an old wedding ring?
One of the most popular requests that we have is what to do with an old wedding ring? You can add diamonds to a plain wedding ring that you may have inherited or it can be reformed into a simple gem set dress ring or even incorporated into a pendant.
Of course, you don’t need to have a complete remodel. Simply repairing a previously loved pair of earrings can help breathe life into them.

Reproducing Lost Jewellery from photographs
We are sometimes asked to reproduce lost jewellery. Last year, we were approached by Nick Hine, publisher of the Polo Times, whose wife Richenda had lost their sapphire and diamond engagement ring after more than 20 years. Nick supplied photos and a sketch and, after a few secret meetings to get the details right with the couple’s polo-playing children, we managed to recreate the ring which was subsequently presented to Richenda at last year’s anniversary.

Hannah Kimber Jewellery – Cheltenham Bespoke Jewellers
Since opening her Cheltenham studio last year, Hannah Kimber is fast gaining a reputation for innovation and creativity and for sensitive creations which incorporate existing sentimental jewellery. With over 16 years’ experience creating unique, distinctive, beautiful jewellery, be assured that you are in both multi-award winning and very safe hands.

What have you got that means something to you, but you just don’t wear anymore? For an informal chat about how to breathe new life into your own previously-loved jewellery get in touch.

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